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I deleted some local mp3 on my computer. They still show up in my Amazon cloud player. How can I remove them so that cloud player shows only the files I still have locally?

There are different implementations of the cloud player (one in the browser which only shows the cloud content at https://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/mp3/player, some for mobile devices, but this question refers to the pc standalone app.

I should be able to delete everything from local directory (via "Remove from Library") and then re-scanning the C:\Users\MyUser\Music\Amazon MP3 directory via Help-> Preferences and Help->Rescan, but for some reason I cannot re-scan that directory doesn't change anything. I can re-scan other directories.

Amazon customer services says there is currently no way to automatically remove deleted local songs from the Cloud Player.

EDIT: i found a workaround: create a junction (similar to symbolic link on *nix) from your Amazon MP3 folder to a new folder (AmazonRescan in my example below.

a) e.g. in dos box with

> cd C:\Users\USER\Music
> mklink /J AmazonRescan "Amazon MP3"

b) in Help->Preferences add directory AmazonRescan under "Add new songs to Computer library from"

c) tell Cloud Player to re-scan local directories via Help->Rescan Computer for new music.

Let us know if this workaround also works with symbolic links under on mac.

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