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My default language on LinkedIn website is Italian and I have compiled my job profile in both Italian and English versions. How can I set the default profile to English for the visitors?

Currently it is not so easy to read my English profile when visiting my page because it is necessary to search a little menu for it.

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Have a look at this FAQ entry

Currently, there's no way to change the default language of your profile once you've set it up in a particular language. Many people who speak multiple languages choose to create a secondary profile for each language. Viewers will see your profile in the language most relevant to them. All language profiles will show up in search engine results on and off LinkedIn and can be accessed directly with a unique URL.

You could also close your account and re-open one in your preferred language. We don't recommend this option, because you'll lose all of the connections and recommendations associated with the closed account

So you can't change it.

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this is not good! It is important to show first the territorial language of the profile to international company – Ale Oct 21 '13 at 10:37

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