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Is there a way to do a search in Evernote like:

only has tag:yr20* or tag:yr21* or tag:mo0* or tag:mo1*


-tag:* tag:yr20* or tag:yr21* or tag:mo0* or tag:mo1*

The way I have my Evernote setup is every note has a tag that falls into one of these 4 searches:

tag:yr20* tag:mo0*

tag:yr20* tag:mo1*

tag:yr21* tag:mo0*

tag:yr21* tag:mo1*

So what I'd like to accomplish is if a note has the tags yr2013 mo10-Oct but doesn't have any other tag it would show up in my search. But if a note has tags yr2013 mo10-Oct some-other-tag it would not show up in my search.

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Yes; try it. I just did, and, for example, tag:te*h brings up only docs with my tech tag. tag:break* -tag:muf* gets everything tagged breakfast but not tagged muffins.

That said, I don't think there is a way to limit it to notes with only certain tags, like yr2013 mo10-Oct but not yr2013 mo10-Oct some-other-tag.

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The question in itself demonstrates I am fundamentally aware of Evernote's advanced search features, so I am unclear as to why you decided to demonstrate what I can do with Evernote's advanced search features. Your answer does not answer the question posed by this post in any way. –  aaronmallen Oct 31 '13 at 4:08

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