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How can I get the Google Spreadsheet to automatically order the incoming form responses alphabetically (2nd column)?

I know how to do this manually or by going in and editing a cell, but cannot get it to do this as an onevent for incoming response.

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I have one suggestion: on the next empty column on your Form Response:

=Query(range; "select * where x <> '' order by x" , 1)

Where range is the range of the responses and x is the column that you want to sort. Hide the columns where the answers are automatically inserted.

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=Query('Form Responses 1'!B1:C300; "select * where C <> '' order by C" , 1) WOW COOL! I needed to still figure how to but what where but i saw logic in other examples. THX :) & 1 ROW needs to be name couse its static in formula. – Kangarooo Apr 27 '14 at 15:32

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