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Using multi-line formatted text (using the <pre> tags) inside of a list in Mediawiki is giving me problems.

What I would love to do is something like this:

# Text in a numbered entry
# Next numbered entry

However, this will only place the first line of text in the list, and will not format the rest of the text.

If I leave the #: out, then the list will restart (at 1) for the next entry:

# Number 1 in list
# Also 1 in list

This question is discussed on Wiki's meta, but I have been unable to find an acceptable solution to my problem.

Does anyone have a work around or something for my problem?

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You can use standard HTML syntax (which is totally valid wiki-syntax):

<li> Text in a numbered entry</li>
<li> Next numbered entry</li>
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Great! Thanks! The only thing is that I wish I could mix the HTML and Wikitext for the list, but at least it works! – KLee1 Aug 3 '10 at 16:26
@Klee1: You can use all other wikitext (like bolding) in the list but not the list-specific wikitext (unfortunately). – neo Aug 3 '10 at 16:28

I added an answer over on StackOverflow on a similar question that people might find interesting.


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