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Recently I have tried to share a folder with subfolders using the 'Only the owner can change permissions' option (the option that appears at the bottom of the sharing dialog window).

The folder that I have shared was not possible to be re-shared by the new user (which was good). However, it was possible to re-share the subfolders of this folder by that user. So it seems like the 'Only the owner can change permissions' option is not inherited to subfolders.

For example if I have the following folders:

  • Folder01 -- Folder02 -- Folder03

then if I share Folder01 with the 'Only the owner can change permissions' option to UserB, then Folder01 will not be shareable by UserB, but Folder02 and Folder03 will be.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance for your responses

Sharing settings modal window Setting the permission

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I spoke with Google Support about this today. It is expected behavior and you have to set this permission on other folders.

It may be possible to push these permissions using a script / drive API, however any new folders would not have that permission and the script would have to be re-run on a regular basis.

Personally I would prefer that the permission inherited to all subfolders and files.

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