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I am looking for an efficient way to move all of my messages (more than 50.000) in Inbox to another folder in Yahoo! Mail.

When I try in new version to Select All, only visible messages are selected, ie. if I then scroll down, new loaded messages are not selected, so I would have to scroll down for hours to load "manually" all messages.

Hitting the End key to go rapidly to the last row is not working, and neither is Ctrl+End.

Trying on older versions is even slower.

Is there any other way?

UPDATE: Yahoo Customer Care answered by email that for the moment the only way to achieve this is scrolling down until the last row and then Select All !

It is surprising for me. A big one like Yahoo! Mail with such a limitation...

Any other idea or workaround? Maybe managing those messages as if they were in a database, from other webapp. I don't know if that is possible...

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