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I'm a WordPress newbie. I would like to know, under:

Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays -> A static page -> Posts page

I can choose the name of a WordPress page from the drop-down menu.

What confuses me is how come WordPress takes the page title, displays the page title in the menu on the front page, and then, when I click on the page title I am showed the blog posts, instead of that page's content.

This makes me think pages are not suitable for use in this area as once I designate a page as the posts page, its content becomes hidden and is no longer visible. Could someone please explain why WordPress works in this way?

NOTE: The way the Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays -> A static page -> Front page works on the other hand is clear. When the user goes to the URL corresponding to the WordPress document root or clicks on the text in the header, WordPress displays this page.


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