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I'm looking to enrich my Google Contacts data.

In Google Contacts my contacts have the names, email addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers. However, I'd like to enrich the contacts with profile pictures, website URLs, social profiles, etc. (but mostly pictures)

In the past, it was possible to do this using a useful online service called Gist that helped bring lot of such additional profile details into Google Contacts. However, Gist is no more.

What other tools can I use to perform this to my Google contacts?


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Maybe I don't understand what you're wanting to do, but can't all that be done from contacts.google.com? – Flimzy Nov 25 '13 at 23:36
@Flimzy: I wanted a tool to magically iterate all my contacts and magically find out all their social profiles and update each contact with a profile picture... GMail doesn't offer that feature. – John Assymptoth Nov 30 '13 at 11:49

I use FullContact. It "combines" your contacts from Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc. into a "unified" contact list and it send all data back to Google.


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