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In gmail I can set my picture. When somebody receives mail from this gmail account, my picture is shown next to the gmail address. But now I created a mail account for my website. When I send mail from it (using the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client), I'd like my picture next to my mail address just as when sending from gmail. Now I just get this anonymous blue man... Does any mail client support this? I tried googling "mail client picture" and related terms but I'm not finding anything useful.

enter image description here

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The Pictore shown is either your google account picture, or the picture the reciver has set in his contacts.

IMHO it's not possible to actually send a picture to be displayed. You could alway send a vcard with your email, so the reciver can easily add you to his contacts.

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Even if the recipient did add you to his/her contacts, a picture would only be displayed if the recipient decided to select one for the contact entry. Even then, you'd have no choice over what image they use. – Richard Oct 31 '13 at 13:38
@Chake: yes, it is my Google Account Picture. It also shows up properly if I mail somebody I never mailed before. But it doesn't look professional to send corporate email from an @gmail.com address. Isn't there any mail client with which I can use my own account that supports such a picture? – RubenGeert Oct 31 '13 at 14:40

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