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I have a Google Drive Folder, which was shared with me via link (I guess it's set to Anyone with link in Organisation can View/Edit). When I click the link, I get into the Google Drive web UI, with the folder content listed. I can star any contained file/folder, but I don't see any way to star the shared folder (the root folder) itself.

If it was explicitly shared with me, then I could find it under Shared with me and star it there. But it's not the case. If I just search it by the name, I get into same view as through the link, where I see the content, but I don't see a way to star the folder itself.

I am essentially looking for a way how to make this shared folder click-accessible (without remembering the name or looking up the link each time). If there is other way to do this, other than starring, I would appreciate it as well.


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