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I have some videos that I want to listen to, but don't really want to watch. What are some good sites to download just the audio in formats like MP3?

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Caches previously downloaded videos, making it the fastest by far. It is even easier to use with the Firefox addon and preserves file names, MP3 only. There are some ads, but you don't even need to look at the page as the audio download starts automatically.

Disadvantages: won’t work with some videos on Vevo, lots of ads.

abcyoutube (seems to be no more?!)

Also caches videos, only slightly slower than video2mp3. No ads. Doesn’t keep file names, MP3, MP4, 3gp, Flash video.


Good speed, allows editing of tags (title, artist, genre, etc.) and change start and end time. MP3, MP4, Flash video.


Fast, Flash video and MP4 download.

youtubegold, youtubetomp3, listentoyoutube, vid2mp3,

All decent speed.


Sends download link to your email, keeps file names, average speed.

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I'd suggest making every service a single entry. – neo Aug 4 '10 at 11:12

I like File2HD.com. You can extract not just audio from sites like YouTube, but video files, as well.

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MP3 only: http://www.video2mp3.net/

No annoying ads and it's fast.

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I used http://www.zamzar.com but I preffer http://savevideo.me now.

The difference is that Zamzar sends the download link to your email after the processing and conversion to the audio format.

SaveVideoMe rips the video from Youtube that you can download directly (including FLV, MP4 and HD if available) and then you can convert them with other tool like the excellent Mobile media converter mentioned here. This way the video and audio quality are preserved since there's no conversion involved.

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