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I want to turn a word in my Facebook wall post into a hyperlink, like this. As far as I can tell, your only options as to include the plain text of the link in your post, or "attach" the link to the bottom of your post. Neither is a good solution for me, I want to link from specific words (so I can say things like "Go here for foo.").

Is this possible to do on my Facebook wall? I know that it is possible in "Notes", using html-style tags (<a href="http://example.com/">foo</a>), but this doesn't work on my wall.

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How would you "attach it" – user1603548 Apr 6 '14 at 20:43
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No you cannot. You are asking about using the Links feature within the publisher so this will appear in your Links section.

The ability to embed HTML using the Links application is not currently available.


I think you are going the right way with Notes (especially for long messages). Abuse the CheatSheet. If you are publishing to all your friends, this should appear in your friends' News Feed.

Cheat Sheet

I have seen my friend use the Advanced Wall application. From what I remember it looked like it worked but like all most publishing applications ended up being prone to sending spam. You also have to be aware that once a friend blocks/hides an application for one friend , it is applicable to all.

A second way I would recommend is to shorten your links with bit.ly or other url shortening services. So your above example would be,

"Go http//bit.ly/xxyy for foo."

At least you can shorten long links here. Additionally the Publisher allows one link to be featured under your post, so if you want something to stand out, click the X next to the featured link to traverse through all the links in your update.

A third way I used to do sometimes especially if there is an entity on Facebook that already represents the website is to use the @ mention feature.

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You can't put HTML on your Facebook wall, but there are apps you can install that will let you do this. Use with caution! Has anyone used these?

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