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I'm trying to copy images from a Google Presentation to a LibreOffice Impress file, but having no luck. Any suggestions?

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Click to select, CTRL+C, CTRL+V isn't working? – Al E. Nov 6 '13 at 21:32

Did you try grabbing the URL via the Network panel in developer tools? I was able to get the URLs for images I needed by:

  1. Opening Developer Tools in Chrome (Cmd+Opt+I)
  2. Selecting the "Network" tab (you may need to refresh the presentation)
  3. Clicking the little "filter" icon (the third icon from the top left)
  4. Clicking "Images" to show only images
  5. Clicking "Preview" to make sure you have the correct image
  6. Right-click the URL from the preview panel content area and choose to "Open in New Tab"
  7. In the new tab, right-click the image and save it

Example: enter image description here

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Your answer was the best. Thank you!! – FranXh Jul 1 '15 at 2:00
Does this always get the highest resolution version of the image? – binki Apr 23 at 15:54

Click on the Present button top right corner, this will start the presentation mode.
Right click on the image, use option Save as to save the image.

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I do not get this "save" option when I right click the image in presentation mode. – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Jan 15 at 19:52
I went through all that debugger stuff just to find this solution after. – user1717828 Apr 1 at 13:45

It's a pain, but you can download the entire file as a pptx, and then open that in LibreOffice, and you can then cut and paste the graphic.

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It seems like Google drive somehow "encrypt" the image source if you want to copy and paste it into Libre Office Impress. If you do a "Paste Special", the source of the image states "Unknown".

enter image description here

Also, the same goes for Microsoft Office:

enter image description here

In conclusion, I do not think it's possible to copy and paste images from Google Drive to Office applications on your workstation. I would however say it is possible to do so between Google Drive applications. The workaround would be either
1. to download the image and insert it as a picture from your computer or
2. Copy the URL of the picture on the Internet (Not Google Drive) and also go to insert > picture > and paste the URL in the location field of the picture.

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

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Middle-clicking or Ctrl+clicking (Cmd+click for OS X) on the image will open it in a new tab. There, it will behave as a regular image that you can save to your computer.

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Go to File → Download As → JPEG image.

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But this copies the whole slide, right? – Vidar S. Ramdal Jan 14 '15 at 14:16
And this will subsample the image in the presentation, lowering the resolution. – binki Apr 23 at 15:55

Zoom in as big as you can. PrtScn to capture the screen. Paste to image editing software, crop and enjoy.

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This will subsample the image, lowering the resolution instead of grabbing the original. – binki Apr 23 at 15:55

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