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I am finding the new Google Maps is confusing. Sharing directions used to be intuitive -- there used to be a "Link" button, and you could even hit the "Short URL" checkbox to access a convenient shortened link. Now, I've entered an origin and destination, and I've been given directions, but I don't know how to share these directions.

Can I just copy/paste the URL of the webpage with the route?

Where is the "Share directions" button? How do I give a friend these directions?

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Because the new Google Maps URL automatically updates as you use the map, you can copy and paste the URL at any time. To share the map with others:

  1. Double click the the browser bar with your URL (e.g. http://www.google.com/maps/preview).
  2. Copy the URL by hitting CTRL + Copy.
  3. Open an email, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or any other location you want to share your map, and paste by hitting CTRL + Paste.


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i just ran into this same issue. To share the address, you can click the settings(gear) icon in the bottom right and there's an option to share the location. It also includes a button for the short URL.

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Go to "list all steps," and you will see the old list we all loved.

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