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I came across the string 𐊗𐊕𐊐𐊎𐊆𐊖, and am curious to know what it looks like — I can't see any glyphs. The string consists of LYCIAN LETTER T, LYCIAN LETTER R, LYCIAN LETTER MM, LYCIAN LETTER M, LYCIAN LETTER I, LYCIAN LETTER S. Based on their codepoints, I can look up the characters in the Unicode specification, which contains examples of how they might be rendered. I'm looking for a web application where I could paste this string (or any other sequence of unicode characters), and that would show me what this string is supposed to be rendered according to the official Unicode definition.

I've found unicodelookup.com, but it tells me all the characters are unknown, and doesn't show me a reference gryph either. The fileformat.info character search serves a different purpose, as do all other lookups I have found. Is there any web service that does what I'm asking for?

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