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Circa 2011 I was briefly using a free, WebSite / WebApplication for screen scraping that I liked but now when I want to use it again I am totally blanked out about its name.

I tried lots of google searching but after no luck thought I might be able to describe it and get some leads. Here goes:

First, it wasn't yahoo pipes. It was free (at least there was a free version) and ran via the browser itself. So all the downloadable software's excluded.

One unique feature was one could visit a website and select list entries etc. in a WYSIWYG manner and it would try and identify the underlying structure and scrape similar bits of that site.

Any ideas what this Web App was?

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Maybe it is among this list: stackoverflow.com/q/589649/395857 –  Franck Dernoncourt Nov 11 '13 at 19:55

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