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We have a video up online for which we bought the copyright for the song, the period of time for which we payed is over.

I wanted to mute the video, youtube even provides the option to remove the song, the problem is, it is not letting save that, rather I have to "save as", it says:

You can't save these changes to this video because it has received too many views. You may save changes into a new video by using Save As.

What does this mean?

We will again buy the copyright for the song, but does it mean I can not mute is for a certain amount of time? I don't want to "save as" and lose all the views.

The other options seems to be making the video private for the meanwhile, but that implies that from wherever it's linked, they will get a "broken" link.

  • Am I understanding this problem correctly?
  • Is there any alternative?
  • If I "save as" can a later resume the original video if I again buy the copyright?
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