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In Microsoft Excel, the default behavior of pressing the Enter (return) key is this:

If you are in a cell, and tab over as you input data, at the end of the series when you click Enter, the focus will go to the cell directly under the cell that you began the series of tabs.

For example, if you are in cell A1, tab over to C1, and then click Enter, the focus will go to cell A2.

Is there any way to get this behavior in Google Spreadsheets?

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I'm not sure how to get the mentioned behavior in Google Spreadsheets, but there is an alternate way...

Cell A1 -> Tab -> B1 -> Tab -> C1 -> Enter
You will reach C2 -> use Ctrl + Left Arrow -> A2
Ctrl + Left Arrow is used to navigate to left-most cell in current row

Hope you seen other available shortcuts "Keyboard shortcuts for Google spreadsheets"

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Thanks - that helps in certain situations, but does not work if you are starting at a cell not on the left-hand side. – GavinR Aug 5 '10 at 16:25

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