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Motionbox included the following features.

  • Unlimited upload
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Online Video Editing
  • Tags and Folders
  • Sharing
  • Embedding
  • mts support for HD Video
  • Playback in HD
  • Download uncompressed uploaded content (great for backups)
  • ~$40 bucks a year


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One thing I did find that worked for viewing on my home TVs was windows media center on windows 7. That is my main concern but being able to share was also a nice feature. – MIchael Grassman Aug 19 '10 at 2:57

I am also looking for the most comparable alternative. Vimeo and Iplayerhd appear to show some potential.

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The main difference is the upload limit. I would go with Vimeo if they gave me a month of unlimited uploads. I have 200 Gigs of video and that would take 40 weeks to get it all up. Plus with HD video 5 gigs a week would be used on new video that is taken. – MIchael Grassman Aug 19 '10 at 2:56


They don't provide those same features for the same price. But it looks good to me.

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I also was uploading giant hd .mts files with ease on motionbox; loved the platorm. Shutterfly does not support .mts files now. I don't think there's anything out there that compares (yet).

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