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I am not really in to coding and I am struggeling with my problem for many hours now. I need help!

What do I need to do?

I want to locally save real time data of my solar power plant, provided to me by a webportal (all the nice boxes have no GUI - I can only access my own data via the portal of the provider of my power converter)

OK, here we go. First I need to log in to the "sunnyportal" via this link:

http://www.sunnyportal.com/Templates/Autologin.aspx?user=MYUSERNAME&pass=MYPASSWORD after waiting a second, I am getting redirected to a page where all data are available - but with wget no chance to pick the data.

With wireshark I managed to find the link where all the data is:


There is no .html ending but I tried to import the data with Excel and Excel told me it's json-format.

It's not a problem to access the first link, log on, download the (static) webpage - but with the second link I am always getting redirected to the login screen, even while saving cookies and re-using the cookies.txt

The output I want to store looks like this:


Please help me - I need these data to grab them with an Arduino / Raspberry Pi to switch some relais to safe energy.

Appreciate ANY help in advance!

Cheers, Jochen

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