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Is there any way I can allow someone who does not have a Google Account to view/edit my Google Docs?

Note that I am not saying I want to allow everyone to edit/view the documents. I want only to allow people with a certain non-Google email addresses to edit/view the documents.

Any idea how to do this?

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You can actually set view/edit permissions to any e-mail address by clicking the Share-button in the upper right but the persons who gets the permissions needs a Google account to use the document.

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@eno, does this mean that I can only invite Google account to edit the document? Because if I invite a non-Google account, how does Google know what is his corresponding google account? – Graviton Aug 5 '10 at 13:56
@Ngu Soon Hui: Google sends a link with an auth code. If you click on the link it asks you to log in (if you aren't). After you did this, the document is connected to your account (not sure whether it is possible to use this link again on another account). – neo Aug 5 '10 at 14:30

You can actually set view/edit permissions to any e-mail address by clicking the Share-button in the upper right but the persons who gets the permissions will have to create a new Google account or sign in with an existing Google account use the document.

Alternatively, you can set the document to be viewed and edited by anyone who has the link to the document (no sign-in required), email the link to the particular email address and request them to not share the link with anyone else.

You can see the screenshots below:

enter image description here

Then, Click on the "Change" button:

enter image description here

Now, select the setting as shown in this screen shot and click on "Save":

enter image description here

Now, Copy the links as shown in the screen shot below and share it with anyone you want through email. Do not forget to click on the "Done" button:

enter image description here

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it looks like this has been changed and this answer is no longer correct – Joe Jul 29 '15 at 9:28

If you set the sharing to "anyone with a link," then people can view or edit the document (depending on which you choose) without signing in to Google as long as they have the link. The only disadvantage, as far as I know, is that revision marking is less effective, because everyone is identified as "unknown." It is also somewhat less secure than the next option because the link could, in theory, get into the wrong hands,

If restrict sharing to particular emails with "add people", they will need to either have or create a Google account to gain access. This is somewhat more secure. In addition, each revision will be associated with the person who made it.

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