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This is unfortunately a vague question. After "successfully" converting a PDF file to Word document using pdftoword.com (a service provided by Nitrocloud), I downloaded the file and tried to open it in MS Word. And I got an error:

The Open XML file file_name_1.doc cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents or the file name may contain invalid characters (for example, /).

Details: No error detail available.
Location: 3

This is not a helpful error message but I was hoping someone may now what can cause this problem. This way, I can avoid it in the future.

For further context, the PDF document was created using LaTex. Furthermore, although the file_name_1.doc file cannot be opened in MS Word, it can be uploaded to Google Docs and then downloaded as a .doc file which will open in MS Word. It is not a clean conversion but it is usable.

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