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Let's say we have some data in a spreadsheet like:

  A         B          C
Price    Quantity    Genre
 20        2500       Car   
 10        1000       Car
 10        2500       Bike

I can filter Cars with Quantity 2500 with FILTER(A:A;B:B=2500;C:C="Car") - easy.

But what if there is another column, for postage, like:

  A         B          C         D
Price    Quantity    Genre    Postage
 20        2500       Car       0
 10        1000       Car       6
 10        2500       Bike      10

I want to filter to find everything who's total price (postage+price) is 20, and I have 2500 of.

I tried various combinations but can't seem to do it. Should I create a sum column first?

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Use the following formula to accomplish that.

I used the following dataset: enter image description here

Take notice of the extra ID I added.




The two WHERE clauses will set the criteria:

  • Column C to 2500
  • The result of the summation of column B + E to be larger or equal than 20

Column F and D are there to categorise the result.


enter image description here


I've created an example file for you: Filter by the sum of two cells in Google Spreadsheet

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