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I want a list of the Titles and URLs for the search results of a particular query. In my particular situation, there are only about 20 pages of results so it's not that much data.

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Lots of answers here, but YQL, although not google out of the box, the following query will help.

select title,url from search.web where query="pizza"

The RESTful URL for those results is:


YQL itself can be found here: http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/ It's a really useful bit of kit by Yahoo.

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You can push further with this and just use yahoo pipes. – phwd Oct 1 '10 at 8:56

You could try using Google AJAX Search API. For example querying the URL http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/services/search/web?v=1.0&q=Svick will give you results for my username in JSON.

See this blog post for more information.

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I think it's deprecated code.google.com/apis/websearch – Jader Dias May 12 '11 at 12:51

There's a Firefox plugin available at: http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/seo-for-firefox.html

When you install the plugin (easy), and click on the little SEO logo so that it is in color (not gray), and then do a search in Google, you get a ton of extra data in the results.

Much of the extra information is useful if you are doing search engine optimization. But if you are just looking at how to export the results, there is a tiny 'CSV' link. That will save the results into a CSV format, which you can then open easily with Excel!

You can also try Send to excel option in Internet Explorer.

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I don't know about google but I know bing has an option to export any search page as rss. You simply add format=rss to the query string. For instance


This will give 10 result per page so for the second page you add


and the third


and so on...

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I ended up cutting and pasting HTML from the search results and then using jQuery to pull out the titles and URLs.

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I have no experience myself. But I have found that someone suggests Seo FireFox Plugin.

For another option you can have a look at www.marketing2oh.com/scrape-serps-for-seo-analysis/. It describes the export with title, url and even description.

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