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When I try to invite a non Google+ member to a hangout it appears to send an email invite but the email never arrives. I have tried about 5 different emails that I have access to to test it out but no email invites arrive. I have also tried this on both regular hangouts and a hangout party but the same results every time.

I am on hangout party now and what I'm doing is

  1. Click Invite People
  2. Type in the invitee's email address
  3. Box pops up saying 'send email to name@domain.tld
  4. I click it ( if I click anywhere else it dissapears but seems to have the same effect - which is that it puts a corresponding label in the box)
  5. I click the green invite button.
  6. It beeps and a blue "invitation posted" alert shows for a few seconds

... but no invitation arrives at the target email address.

The process is similar on a regular hangout ... again no email invitation at the target

Am I doing something wrong or is something broken?

NB. I know how to invite people manually to Google+ and I guess if they were already logged in members they'd get an onscreen notification but I don't want this ( unless I have no choice ... which may be the case I know but it's still a different issue. )

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