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Let us assume that I'm person A and a colleague of mine is person B. We decided as a company to post a job application, so B wrote and submitted the post. Note, that we don't own a Premium account and we are both administrators of our company's LinkedIn profile, if that's of any interest.


I'm not able to edit the job application post, receive the notifications and more importantly I cannot view the applicants' profiles! When B receives a notification about a new applicant, he must forward it to me manually and still I cannot view the profile, and when I try to do so, I'm receiving the following warning:

You cannot view this applicant because either the application does not exist, or it is not for a job that you own.


Is it possible for person A to be able to view the applicant's profiles? The only related topic I found on the Internet is this community.linkedin.com question, unfortunately both answers don't give me much hope that anyone here will give a positive answer, but since it has been asked 9 months ago and webapps evolve fast, I hope that someone found a work-around or that LinkedIn has addressed the issue.

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