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I like to categorize all my posts. Is there a way that I can delete this category ? If not Why ?

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To delete the "Uncategorized" category:

  1. Use the category dashboard under Posts > Categories to create a second category (if you haven't already)
  2. Select a new default category on the Settings > Writing panel
  3. Return to Posts > Categories and use the checkboxes & drop-down menus to delete "Uncategorized"

You can also just edit the "Uncategorized" category's name and slug. I changed mine to "Miscellaneous" (/category/misc/).

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You need a default category (perhaps with different name) because that's where the posts go when you delete a different category. There is a need for some sort of 'none of the others' place.

The question is, why do you care? Are you saying that you don't want to display that empty category? Then look for plugins that hide a specific category instead.

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AFAIK, Wordpress does not display empty categories. Just make sure you have no post in the "uncategorized" category, and it won't appear on the front end

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