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I'm looking for a social image bookmarking site that's both easy to use and has a good community. Video bookmarking and data portability (feeds) are a plus. My favorite was Dropular before everything was re-written in Node.js and the site became feature crippled. I've been using ZooTool, but the community there isn't particularly interesting. I've been messing around in Pinterest, but they're having some sort of annoying cache problem. Does anyone have a particular favorite or know of any up and coming apps?

I'm familiar with FFFFound (but I've never tried it), visualizeus, imgfav, weheartit, image spark, ember, favsav, and yay!everyday.

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I don't actually sure these was so useful for you but you can see : Pixrat

and Also I find this ( A list of Visual book-marking sites)

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