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I wanted to try out this project for recording audio files to Android, libogg-vorbis-android.

Unfortunately, it looks like the project is missing some files that weren't added and committed to the repository (I get errors like "Project 'libogg-vorbis' is missing required source folder: 'unit'", container 'Android Dependencies' references non existing library libogg-vorbis.jar)

I would report a bug/question on the issues for this project, but there isn't any issues page on this particular project. Why are issues hidden on this project, and is there a way to report something elsewhere?

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Did you try looking at the author and running down his blog? Took 3 clicks to get to ideaheap.com/about-ideaheap – Wyatt Barnett Dec 25 '13 at 7:30

Issues are an optional feature on GitHub repos. Some project maintainers just choose to not open that part and instead would rather you create a pull request, which is standard and activated on all repositories.

To track down a way to contact the owner/maintainer(s) of the project:

  • Look at the profile of the user or organisation under which the project falls under. They will often have either an email or website you can contact them through
  • See if the repo has a project page, where they may list contact details
  • The README will often include contact information
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