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I have a nagging suspicion that Google has changed their algorithm to return pages for "relevance" rather than for faithfully containing all the keywords in a long query. They also, conveniently, got rid of the + operator to prevent me from emphasizing that yes, I do want all the keywords, not whatever PageRank etc metric they may be using to get top results.

For me Bing seems to sometimes behave better, but not by much. I don't think they truly return all keywords results.

Anybody know good alternative engines that still honor the query?

ETA: solution seems to be to use "verbatim" search as suggested by @Kwaio below. These mysterious "search tools" turn out to be links located near left margin of google results page. In particular, "verbatim" mode link is placed under "All results" mode link. The "all results" option is the default behavior and IMHO it really sucks.

ETA 2: actually no, verbatim link is displayed near left margin on google results only in old browsers. Modern browsers display it in small popdown bar on clicking button "Search tools" shown immediately under the search box on google results page. Except, it is not displayed immediately in the bar; it is hidden inside dropdown menu with default selection "All results".

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You could consider using DuckDuckGo. They use an algorithm specifically aimed at breaking the so-called 'filter bubble', as they explain on this page. Also, they're a lot nicer with regard to your privacy.

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In "search tools" in google, you have a "Verbatim" option which restores the legacy behaviour.

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thanks, that seems to be the fix. – EndangeringSpecies Dec 26 '13 at 19:59
Altough I must say, moving to DuckDuckGo can be a better solution for diffrent reasons. – Kwaio Dec 27 '13 at 8:09

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