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The title basically says it:

I have a Google Apps User Account within a free Apps-organization. Is there are possibility for me or for the administrator of the organization to dissociate the account or to change its status into a normal personal Google Account.

I read How do I migrate a Gmail account to a Google Apps Account? and saw that for example Google+ stuff cannot be migrated.

I have seen people in my circles having several accounts at Google (apps and non-apps). Is this the way to do things?

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A paid or unpaid Google Apps account can not be transformed into a free Gmail account. With Google Apps accounts, you have the option to set your own domain name as your email address. You are not able to have a personal Gmail account with a custom domain name, it must be "@gmail.com"

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If you can't switch over the account, you can start a free trial of Spanning Backup for Google Apps (https://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/viewListing?productListingId=68+17631887083757151838), export your data and then re-import it once you've created the new account.

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Are you affiliated with this product? If so, you have to disclose this information in your answer. Please see the help center. – Al E. Jan 3 '14 at 17:07

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