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I use Merriam-Webster and Wiktionary. I'm looking for a way to search within definitions and do other searches on either of those sites or a site where these kinds of searches can be performed.

  • search for all words that contain a word or phrase in their definition
  • search for all words that match a pattern: eg. un*ly or *just*
  • not essential: search on parts of speech or etymology
  • boolean combinations

I once had some desktop software that would do this. I know the patterns can be searched in scrabble dictionaries, but they don't often have full-text definitions.

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Yes, it is called OneLook.

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For searching by pattern, I use the Regex Dictionary, it's very useful. You can't search in their definition though, but it does your second point really well.

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It also does my third (and fourth) point(s). – Dennis Williamson Aug 8 '10 at 14:11

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