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I created a simple Facebook Page and after two weeks I got exactly no audience. Two weeks of displaying page brought me exactly two likes -- mine and my wife's! :] So, I'm pretty sure, that the number of organic likes was 0-2 per two weeks.

I then started Facebook Pages Ads and within three days I've increased my Page's Likes to 59. But, what is very surprising for me, in Active Page Ad summary box Facebook claims, that entire campaign brought me only 59 Likes.

Where does those rest 18 came from (59 total - 39 paid - 2 mine)? Are they organic? If not (if these are paid) why they're not counted in summary box? Or why there is such big difference between both Likes counters? On contrary -- if these are organic, how can I (or anyone else) explains, that page receives 2 likes per two weeks (actually zero, if you take that I made these two intentionally) and then after only three more days gets extra, non-paid 18 Likes.

It seems, that I'm missing something obvious about Likes and Facebook Pages Ads.

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