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I am looking for an online personal finance management solution.

Crucial requirement is that it have to support import of transactions and account form QIF aor alike, since I have few years worth of transactions and accounts in a QIF file and want to keep it all.

My findings so far:

  1. The all-too-much-hyped mint.com doesn't do that and it's not clear whether it's going to be implemented at all.

  2. Moneystrands.com have only support for import per account, but not import for the whole QIF containing all the accounts and transactions.

  3. xero.com seems to have import of QIF per account (i.e. you'd have to split your single QIF file with all the accounts somehow), yet it failed with an error message about date format when I tried to import a file.

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The QIF format is easily parse-able, and you can convert it to CSV or OFX or any other foramt. I don't think the format limits your choices.

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I feel your pain... as well as the websites you've tried, I've also played with Xpensr and Buxfer (both free) but couldn't get the alleged QIF or CSV import functionality to work - maybe you'll have more luck. In fact, I think Buxfer is dying a death, so I'd avoid.

Some sites that make you pay for this feature include ClearCheckbook, Cashoo, Mvelopes and Arithmo; I'm sure there are plenty more.

Personally, I don't feel this justifies a paid service. Given the volatility of this rapidly growing software segment (and my personal concerns over security and lack of UK support) I'm going to settle for an Excel workbook and Qif To Excel converter for now - or maybe write my own parser in C#.

Fingers crossed that Google release a financial app soon, and the rest will have to up their game...

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