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I have the following string in column H and I.


I want to have a auto-generated J column, which results like:


So I put the following formula in J1:

= ARRAYFORMULA (IF(ROW(J:J)=1;"formulaTest";CONCATENATE(H:H1, I:I1 ) ))

But the result I got is:


What is going wrong with my formula?

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This is what you are looking for:

=ARRAYFORMULA((IF(ROW(J:J)=1,"formulaTest",H1:H & I1:I)))
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Great! It finally works now!. Though I still don't know why I can not use "CONCATENATE", instead I need to use "&" in this formula. –  srjohnhuang Jan 17 at 6:53
@srjohnhuang With the CONCATNATE, the complete column range is fed to the ARRAYFORMULA. Using the ampersand, only the single entries are fed, giving you the desired result. –  Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jan 19 at 12:01
The reason you can use & but not concatenate() is that concatenate can take a range whereas & can only join specific discreet values. –  Matthew Quinlan Jun 30 at 18:50

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