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I opened a Gmail account and uploaded my profile picture. Later I decide to change the picture, but I cannot find how to do it after the Gmail UI has been updated.

How can I change my picture?

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There are two places Gmail will look for your profile picture.

  1. Click on the gear at the top right & scroll down to where it says "My picture" & click on "Change picture."
  2. Go to http://plus.google.com (navigate to your profile if it doesn't bring you there already). Above your name at the top of the page will be a circle that should encapsulate your old profile picture. if you hover your cursor above it an icon resembling a camera will appear click directly on the camera. You can now directly drag a picture into this window (if your browser supports it) or you can click on "Select a photo from your computer".

Note that the tablet/mobile version will not give you these settings options - you need to do this from a desktop

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