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I redirected my github main repository to a domain name. It is working fine,

kongaraju.github.com/kongaraju.github.io ===> kongaraju.in

at the same other repository gh-pages are affecting, they are redirecting to custom domain path.


kongaraju.github.com/resume ===> kongaraju.in/resume

results not found(404)

How to prevent redirecting other repositories to custom domain?

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This is what dig tells me:

kongaraju.github.com.   3600    IN  CNAME   github.map.fastly.net.
github.map.fastly.net.  17  IN  A

Because of CNAME entry, any requests to kongaraju.github.com gets resolved to github.map.fastly.net.

Because of the A record, any query to github.map.fastly.net. gets resolved to

It's not possible to (not) redirect only specific repos, because all repos are available on githubusername.hithub.com & the combination of CNAME & A record entry results in all repos being redirected

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is there any alternative way to show other repos under domain path – Konga Raju Jan 24 '14 at 5:28
not to my knowledge. – Sathya Jan 25 '14 at 7:51

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