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I am looking for a webapp that will let me:

  1. Backup my pictures in original resolution and quality
  2. Share pictures with friends and family

I assume I am going to have to pay as my pictures folder weights well over 3 GB and that is ok with me. But I want to keep the pictures in original quality (although they can be reduced in size just for the purpose of day to day photo sharing).

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What's wrong with Picasa or Flickr? They both seem to be doing those 2 points really well. – mbillard Aug 9 '10 at 13:28
Picasaweb (with a paid upgrade of $5 for a year of 20gb of storage) does exactly what you are asking for. I find it to be a very elegant solution for easily sharing full res photos) – Josh Newman Aug 9 '10 at 20:43

Flickr handles both tasks quite well. With the caveat that "original" does not include RAW format. If you shoot raw you will have to process to JPEG (or PNG or non-animated GIF) before upload.

Backup in original resolution & quality

You can start with a Free account. That allows you to upload original resolution and quality, but not download it or share it. The original is stored though, in the event you convert to Pro (paid) later.

Free limits the total bytes uploaded per month, and would not be practical with over 3 GB in your folder; so it would just be "to get your toes wet".

They support various uploaders that make bulk uploading of a batch of photos much easier. Perhaps easiest of all is the tie-in to the Eye-Fi card; I'm very happy with the upload add-in for Lightroom 2 (haven't tried Lightroom 3 yet).

Share pictures with friends and family

Flickr supports two mechanisms for sharing with friends and family. Here I mean sharing restricted to friends and family; sharing with the general public is trivial. Restricted sharing starts with setting a photo's privacy to "Private", with either or both of the Friends or Family qualifier.

For those who are also Flickr members you can designate them as Friend and/or Family, and they can thereafter see any of your photos similarly marked whenever they sign-in. Their membership can be Free, and if they already have a Yahoo account the sign-up process is simplified.

For those who are not Flickr members you can generate a "Guest Pass". The pass is a URL with a coding in it that acts like a password. Guest passes are restricted to single photos or to sets of photos that you designate. You can cancel a Guest Pass at any time.

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SmugMug is often regarded as the 'Pro's Flickr' and has many of the features you require, including unlimited backup.

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adding a vote for Dropbox - it may be the easiest way to share full res photos, however I don't think there is a way to have someone download a full album/directory yet (without manually zipping the folder and sharing the public URL to the zip file) – Josh Newman Aug 9 '10 at 20:44
You don't need to zip, look in the latest dropbox, lifehacker.com/5571737/… – Codler Aug 10 '10 at 6:24

You already tagged Flickr and Picassa? Are you looking for something other than flickr or picassa??

Snapfish is another popular choice.

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Picasa Albums Web is very well integrated in Google+ and is great way to share photos with your family circle.
It provides an unlimited space if the resolution is less than 2048x2048. It's likely your original resolution is higher than that, so if you're not ready to reduce the size for the web export, you'll have to pay (it's free up to 1gb).

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