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I'm looking for an API that allows me to do a web search query, but filtered by how recently the page was published or indexed (could be indexed by Google or Yahoo! or anyone that indexes a similar canvas of the internet).

Ideally, it would work like Google's advanced search to view pages published/indexed within the last day, week, month, etc.

I currently use the Google AJAX Search API for a similar function, but it has no settings to either filter by date or to sort by date. The closest thing I could find was a parameter in the Google Custom Search Engine, where you can sort (somewhat) by recently indexed, but Google CSE can only be made to search a specified list of up to 5,000 domains, whereas I need something that searches the internet in general. There is also an option in the Google AJAX Video Search API to ORDER_BY_DATE, but nothing for Web Search.

I've also looked into Yahoo! BOSS search API, which allows you to sort by recency for News searches, but not for Web searches.

So, is there any API anywhere, either free or paid, that allows you to search the web for relevant pages that were only recently published/indexed?

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Take a look at google custom search.

Non Api Example : http:// www.google.com/cse?cx=custom-search-id&q=google&sort=date:d

Api Example : http:// www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1?sort=date:d&q=google&key=your-api-key&cx=your-custom-search-id

'd' in sort=date:d means desc also you can use 'a' for asc sorting instead of desc

More : http://code.google.com/apis/customsearch/

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Yeah, I remember looking at that, but unfortunately the custom search only lets you search over a predefined set of websites that you must explicitly specify. And you cannot search a set of more than 5000 websites total. See Limits. In other words, this is nothing like an actual web search. –  jangosteve Feb 2 '11 at 8:24

I've went through all the api docs but couldn't find anything useful. I'm not sure if there's an api but you can use this :

Instead of this: http:// www.google.com/search?q=”fiddler+on+the+green”

Make it like this: http://www.google.com/search?q=”fiddler+on+the+green”&as_qdr=d

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Yeah, that was one of the first things I tried. But that only works for their actual search engine, using your browser. It's not supported in their APIs. –  jangosteve Feb 2 '11 at 8:26

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