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I have a feed from Google Books that lists some books I have. I want to create a new feed that has the Books' prices (as used books, going to feed it to a next service to get the prices). Yahoo pipes loop module does not allow operator modules or user input modules.

How can iterate though the Google Books' Feed items so that I can use it for a next service say a Fetch Page Module ?

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Yahoo pipes are not the recommended way to go forward. Yahoo itself has replaced it with YQL and that's where all the innovation is. Look specifically at community tables and at Execute statements, it might be relevant.

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Cool where did you hear that Yahoo Pipes was replaced with YQL? I use YQL statements within Yahoo Pipes currently. –  phwd Aug 13 '10 at 2:32
Hmm. I heard it directly from Yahoo at Yahoo's New York Hack Day (two days including a hack night - awesome). At the time they said that Pipes were going away and YQL will be the way forward. But that was a while ago. I just did a search and can see the mention of Pipe 2, now powered by YQL. I guess people still prefer visual interface and they changed their opinions. My bad, should have double checked the references first. blog.pipes.yahoo.net/2010/06/09/yahoo-pipes-v2-engine Let's hope somebody else can help with the pipe syntax then. –  Alexandre Rafalovitch Aug 13 '10 at 13:38

You can put one of your pipes inside the loop operator, acting as a subpipe.

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