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Is there a way to send event-driven emails. For example,

  • If I don't hear a response in 3 days, send this email
  • Send this e-mail in 3 days (delayed response)
  • Follow up with this e-mail in 5 days (CRM-type alert to get a status update)
  • Send an e-mail to A,B, & C a week before an event in my Calendar has a location in NYC.
  • When I get a response to Email A, put the e-mail thread from Bob re:Update in my inbox

I'm sure there's other events that could trigger e-mail, but these are the ones I'm most interested in. Additionally, I would like an API that could allow me to say "Send {E-mail} when/if {this happens}"

Thanks in advance.

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The closest thing I have seen that does something similar to this is Syphir Rules. I haven't checked if it can do exactly what you want, but it might, since it allows you to define your own rules.

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Followupthen is not as powerful as what you need, but is a really nifty tool for power-user mail usage.

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