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Can anyone recommend a website where I can enter some text (email in this case) and get back an image or a small swf.

A plus if I can choose fonts and colour.

I want to use this as a small hindrance to harvesting my email on a public website.

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Try Cool Text.

I generated a sample and it's not bad.

alt text

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There are a few JavaScript solutions for that, like sIRF and cufón that you can try for that purpose. Else you could use an email obfuscator. For more info, see here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/748780/best-way-to-obfuscate-an-e-mail-address-on-a-website

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I know it's not a web application, but any decent paint package (e.g. Paint.NET) should allow you to enter text.

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I finally found one that does just what I want, not to complicated.

Example image:

alt text

generated by http://www.txtninja.com/

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