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I do not want to concatenate a string or show the value like "Some Text " & C12. I need to use the text in a cell as part of the formula in another cell. For Example:

I have a cell containing a date 17.02.2014. I need to use that date in a formula within another cell:


However this date needs to be pulled dynamically, for this example from E26. I would have expected it to look something like:


What is the correct syntax?

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Please try:


EDIT Sincere apologies. I may have misunderstood the question anyway but, as mentioned by @Jacob Jan Tuinstra (with references) I think the syntax above is wrong regardless. If your date (say 17.02.2014) is in E26 and cell AV6 in the same sheet contains, say, A4 then in that sheet:


should return the contents of Sheet 17.02.2014 cell A4 - but please test this! (and revert if it does not suit).

PS Only just noticed your comment, so sorry also for delay.

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Hey pnuts, I have tried the code and get "error: Parse error"?? –  Kieran Headley Feb 18 '14 at 8:47

The INDIRECT function will only accept a range, as explained in the Drive Help: enter image description here

The thing with functions like NOW() and TODAY() is, that they do just that !!

The way to go is by referencing indirectly, like shown in the screenshot (C5 vs. C1).


enter image description here



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