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I went into outlook to make sure my email account V*AW@hotmail.com was up as primary alias because I was getting no mail. A few weeks ago I added another alias B*@gmail.com. and accidentally put it as primary. I need to switch them around and I have tried just that, but when I enter my original account V*A**W@hotmail.com, it won't let me reuse the old hotmail account -said my account couldn't be used, denied already used. Hell, it was there 20 seconds ago when I used it so I know no one has it. How can I switch these accounts like they need to be??? and how can I do it like asap? I have a business and I need my Hotmail to be primary and gmail to just be backup. And what is this about 30 days? HELP, Vicki

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Is this about Outlook (the desktop email client) or outlook.com? –  Vidar S. Ramdal Feb 19 at 9:28
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