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I imagine this is laughably simple but I just don't know what to do. I have a column (A) of cells with strings in them and I want to simply prepend each string in every cell with a web address:

1| /foo/bar/
2| /foo/foo/
3| /foo/baz/

I want:

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You can do that with a formula, so that e.g. column B will display the URL:

="" & A1

(the & is the string concatenation operator in Google Spreadsheets)

Put this formula in B1, and copy-paste it to other cells in the B column.

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You can put this in another cell: ="" & A1

This will result in:

  A            | B
1| /foo/bar/   |
2| /foo/foo/   |
3| /foo/baz/   |

Or, if you prefer, you can use the CONCATENATE function:


(CONCAT is the same, but it only concatenates two values, while CONCATENATE lets you do multiple, even in ranges.)

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For completeness, use this formula to add in B1:


See similar post here on Web applications: CONCATENATE a string with an ArrayFormula

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