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Is it somehow possible to turn off Google Plus notification about new photos/videos has been Automatically backed up? Maybe it is just consequence of the in-Google Platform event in the Google's web notification box. In that case is it possible to disable Google notifying me about that at all?

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Open the Google+ application and go to account settings > Notifications > and uncheck "Photos added from Auto Backup".

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This works for push notifications to my phone, but not for the notifications that appear in the top right hand corner of the page when I visit www.google.com –  Ben Jun 9 at 17:53
@JoshLarsen: Can you please attach screenshot, i can't find such option in my settings –  Mailo Jul 9 at 20:16
@mailo The option isn't there. I think joshlarsen is talking about the Android app. Was hoping to down-vote for "not reading the question" but don't have enough rep. –  Mark Henwood Jul 14 at 15:25

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