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Is there a keyboard shortcut to check for new mail in Gmail?

(Question inspired because I frequently: get a notification from my phone and recognize the sound as a new email on the Gmail app and many times I'm at work, etc, so I switch to my open Gmail tab. Sometimes I even wait a little bit before going to the Gmail tab. And it's not there. I usually keep my hands on the keyboard. Checking new mail is one of the few times during the day that I have to move my hand to the mouse for a one-time action just to immediately go back to the keyboard. I got fed up because I couldn't find it on Google's list of Gmail shortcuts and started searching around. Maybe no one has ever asked the question or just no one cares: I can't seem to find any info.)

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Jumping to the Inbox should be sufficient to kick off the refresh. The keyboard shortcut for that is g then i.

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Wow. You've done it. .. I knew I was overthinking it. –  Joseph Hansen Feb 21 at 21:27
@AIE nice trick! –  Franck Dernoncourt Feb 21 at 21:36

There is no Gmail shortcut to check for new mail in Gmail. I guess Google thinks new e-mails appear immediately in the ajax-based UI. Since it's not the case (I had the exact same issue as yours), I use my browser shortcut to reload the page (ctrl+R or F5). I'm aware this is not optimal as reload the whole page wastes resources.

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Thanks. Going to wait a little bit to see if more answers come along before accepting. I'm hoping to find a link, etc, that shows someone like a Google employee definitively saying there is no shortcut. Or that there is. –  Joseph Hansen Feb 21 at 20:23
You're welcome. I think the link I mention in the answer unfortunately contain all the shortcuts available in Gmail, but I'd be glad if anyone find one :) –  Franck Dernoncourt Feb 21 at 20:26

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