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The HTML looks like this

{block:Audio}<left>{block:AlbumArt}<img src="{AlbumArtURL}" width="80px" height="80px" align="left" style="margin-right:10px" />{/block:AlbumArt}<span class="audio">{AudioPlayerWhite}</left></span>
<br>{block:TrackName}<b>Title:</b> {TrackName}<br />{/block:TrackName}
<br>{block:Artist}<b>Artist:</b> {Artist}<br />{/block:Artist}
{/block:ExternalAudio}<br><b>Played:</b> {PlayCount} times

It shows the album art, title, plays the song and all, but if there's lyrics attached to the audio post it won't show that.

How do I make the audio post show the comments/text that go along with it?

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