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Every survey site I've found bill monthly and restrict by X amount of responses at each tier.

We are not pollsters and don't require surveys frequently, and often don't need them longer than a few days. However, we expect to get a large number of responses because we have such a large audience.

Is there somewhere we can buy just a one-time survey with unlimited responses and not be tied to an annual/monthly program?

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Kwiksurveys seems like it fits the bill. I haven't used it myself, but looks like it's all free

LimeSurvey is free open source survey software if you are willing/knowledgeable enough to host your own.

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thanks, limesurvey looks intriguing as we like the idea of hosting our own survey service, but do you know any similar tools that run on .net? I could possibly convince the bosses to setup a php box for this but it won't be easy. – SelAromDotNet Aug 17 '10 at 13:54
Codeplex has Survey which has gone commerical, but the older version is still free. Never used it but seems well supported. survey.codeplex.com – Wil Aug 17 '10 at 16:00

I have used SurveyMonkey, is cheap (less that 20 bucks a month) and pretty good in features and reports to download, with charts and stuff

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We normally use this app called Survey+ from Sniget. The good thing is, if you are creating long form, it has HTML5 autosave feature and it's only $5 a month with 3Gb storage.

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There are market research companies that can do this for you (for a one-time cost, obviously). Find one in your local area. They can probably have it ready within a day or two and you may be able to get some analytics access with it.

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I hope a response from the someone running such a service is ok?

Our web app, Beetrieve Standard, at http://www.beetrieve.com/, seems to fit what you are asking for. Our business model is exactly to not do subscriptions with recurring fees, but to simply let you purchase the number of answers you wish to purchase, above the free 100. Those answers are then yours - forever. Even with Beetrieve Enterprise the yearly subscription fee is non-recurring.

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Although the free version does limit the number of responses, Survey Rake doesn't have contracts so you can cancel at any time. The site gives you 30 days after you cancel so if you cancel just before the first month then you basically get another month for free.

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http://Obsurvey.com now support a number of new languages like Spanish, Italian, Danish, etc

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